About Our Course

In this course, you’ll learn from renowned touch research experts and medical experts, including Professor Kory Floyd, Dr. Juulia Suvilehto, Dr. Emilia Vuorisalmi and Dr. Liliya Wheatcraft. We are also delighted to include material from Dr. Betty Martin and Deb Dana about The Wheel of Consent and the Polyvagal Theory.

Our course is dual-accredited, meaning that it has been accredited by two highly respected industry bodies and passed their rigorous course requirements. Dual-accreditation provides reassurance for you that this course is of the highest quality, having been approved by two leading independent industry bodies. These bodies are the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and the International Council for Online Educational Standards (ICOES).

The CMA have classed Nordic Cuddle as a Centre of Excellence, and we’re proud to say that we hold full Training School Membership, which is highly prestigious and demonstrates our commitment to the very highest standards of excellence in training courses. Upon completion of the course, you’ll be eligible to apply for membership of the CMA and take advantage of a range of benefits they provide.

ICOES accreditation means that we’ve passed a formal evaluation and audit and meet the highest standards of online education provision. The standards ICOES sets reassure consumers that they’re learning with an ethical and efficient institution and that the course is of a guaranteed high quality. After completing our training, you’ll be able to apply for a separate (and additional) certificate from ICOES as evidence of completing the programme for a small additional fee.

Our course is comprised of an online theory element (£129) and a separate practical element (additional cost of £110) and is designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to begin practising as a cuddle therapist. You’ll discover how to conduct a cuddle session, how to stay safe, how to maintain boundaries and consent, and will also gain an understanding of why touch is so important for our lives. You'll also be provided with the opportunity to purchase discounted cuddle therapy insurance from our affiliate partner Westminster Insurance (only if you're a UK-based practitioner). Please note that completion of the course doesn't guarantee a listing on Nordic Cuddle's platform.

We look forward to welcoming you on this rewarding journey!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • About Nordic Cuddle

    • Meet the Founders

    • Medical and Wellness Advisory Board

    • Additional Expert Contributions

    • Complementary Medical Association (CMA) Accreditation

    • International Council for Online Educational Standards (ICOES) Accreditation

  • 2

    The Science of Touch

    • Tactile Sense

    • Touch in Early Development

    • Touch and the Elderly

    • Touch as a Form of Communication

    • Touch Deprivation

  • 3

    The Science of Social Touch with Dr Juulia Suvilehto

    • A Message From the Skin

    • The Most Pleasant Type of Touch

    • Not for Everybody

    • We’re all Individuals

  • 4

    The Polyvagal Theory by Deb Dana

    • Introduction

    • A Beginner's Guide to the Polyvagal Theory by Deb Dana

  • 5

    Affection Deprivation with Professor Kory Floyd

    • Overview

    • The Need to Connect

    • A Widespread Issue

    • What do we Mean by the Term ‘Deprivation’?

    • Affection Deprivation in the Context of Gender and Culture

    • What Happens When we Experience a Lack of Affection?

    • How People Deal with Disconnection

    • Conclusion

  • 6

    Hormones with Dr Emilia Vuorisalmi

    • Introduction

    • Hormones Behind Feelings

    • Dopamine Makes us Act

    • Serenity with Serotonin

    • Euphoria with Endorphins

    • Oxytocin Binds us Together

    • Modern Stress

  • 7

    Touch and Cuddling as a Healing Modality

    • An Overview

  • 8

    Communication and Boundaries

    • The Importance of Trust

    • Communication and Boundaries

    • Yes, Maybe, No

    • Emotional Boundaries

    • Practising Consent

    • Challenging Situations

  • 9

    The Wheel of Consent with Dr. Betty Martin

    • Introduction to the Wheel of Consent

    • The Wheel of Consent Diagram

  • 10

    Working with Clients with Disabilities

    • Physical and Cognitive Disabilities

    • Communication

    • Accessibility

    • In Summary

  • 11

    Cuddle Therapy and Autism - What You Need to Know by Dr Liliya Wheatcraft

    • Overview

    • Interaction with Autistic Clients

    • Interacting with People on the Spectrum

  • 12

    Delivering a Session

    • Suggestion for Delivering a Structured Session

    • Holding Space in Cuddle Therapy Practice

  • 13

    Safety and Security

    • Vetting Procedure

    • Common Introductory Questions

    • Prior to a Cuddle Session

    • During the Cuddle Session

    • After the Session

    • Professional Insurance

    • Additional Safety Measures

  • 14

    Code of Conduct, Ethics and Client Waivers

    • Code of Conduct

    • Ethics

    • Client Waivers

    • Legal Notice from Nordic Cuddle

    • Code of Conduct Form (Download)

    • Client Service Agreement Form (Download)

  • 15


    • Self Care as a Practitioner

  • 16

    Working as an Independent Cuddle Practitioner with Nordic Cuddle

    • Important Information for Practitioners

  • 17

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Common Practitioner Questions

  • 18

    Recommended Reading

    • Books

    • Journal Articles

    • News Stories

  • 19

    Recommended Talks

    • Talk Selection

  • 20


    • Example Email Template

  • 21

    Copyright Notice

    • Copyright Notice

  • 22

    Training Video

    • Cuddle Therapy Training Video

  • 23


    • About the Assessment - Please Read


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